Ready To Raise Your Sexual Frequency? 

Coming this Fall 2017, I'll be guiding an intimate journey into the Akashic Records to help clear your sexual energy of any blocks 

so you can thrive in all areas of your life!

A Letter From Julie

Your guide on 'The Art Of Co-Creative Sex'

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Julie is so 100% aligned with her work and the messages coming through her to me were so completely accurate that they were the perfect medicine to catalyze a purging of exactly the area that I wanted to.

In just one hour Julie blew me wide open and helped me breakthrough on something I’ve been carrying around for 40 years without even realizing. It was powerful supportive, compassionate and encouraging. My gratitude for her gifts is immeasurable.

Join the Waiting List to be notified as soon as 

Fall 2017 dates are confirmed!

Devi Ward, TV host of Sex Is Medicine

As you go about your daily business, does it feel like something is nagging at you from the inside? 


It can be a little, meek voice or a big, loud voice screaming in your ears. It can be a voice that you have shut out completely, even gagged to stop it! 


It can also be a cunning voice that is tempting you to shove all that integrity of yours out the window. 


But it speaks to you. Often.


So I’d like to invite you into a very intimate space for a moment. 


Let’s listen to what it has to say...


Your sexual energy is ALWAYS talking to you. Whether you’ve blotted it out or not. 


Here's why... 


Your sexual energy IS your creative energy. It's your spiritual energy. 


And as all this amazing sexual, spiritual, creative force runs through your body, it bumps up against your emotional wounds. 


If the idea of sexual energy feels a little scary for you, this is the first big hint that something is not flowing for you.


But if you're willing to pay very close attention to this, you'll soon realize that sexual energy is also your teacher. 


 Everything affects your sexual energy, and your sexual energy affects everything. Your success. Your satisfaction. Your creative power. Your relationships. And when you heal your sexual energy... you in turn heal your life. When you listen and take care of your sexual energy, you actually increase the frequency at which you vibrate. 


Just think of it for a moment. When you feel embarrassed about something, you emit a certain type of energy. Now, compare that with being in a state of joy. When you emit the frequency of joy, you suddenly become very magnetic. It feels good to be around you. This place is a very powerful place to be. But, joy is a state of grace. It actually means your energy is flowing. 


To get there, you have to release your burdens. And your sexual energy will tell you exactly where they reside. Your sexual energy is actually your divine teacher. If you take notice to what she is saying, you will transform. 


But only when and if you allow it. If you don’t listen to her, she will only start screaming, until you end up in the middle of a healing crisis, which is not funnest route to take! 


If dealing with your sexual energy feels uncomfortable or fraught with fear, I get it. I had to get in there and face my own lot fears. But, I’m so grateful now. I know who I am. 


Healing your sexual energy will unlock your true essence, your true potential! It will lead you to your Super Powers. 


And to help you experience that reality, I'd like you to join me in my new online webinar series and healing intensive called: The Art of Co-Creative Sex


Each class, I’ll be opening up the Akashic Records so you'll be able to process (and then release) some of your most deep-seated blocks.


The stuff that gets in the way of your being able to experience connected, heart-centered relationship and truly satisfying sex! 


Just imagine for a moment what it would feel like to finally be able to feel the full power of your sexual, spiritual and creative energies flowing?


You would become a true "Power House" spreading your light in the world and magnetizing what you truly want. 


In this webinar series, we will be working through The 5 Lower Chakras: 


1. The Root 

2. The Sacral

3. The Solar Plexus

4. The Heart

5. The Throat


In other words, we will be releasing issues around...  


  • Your ability to Feel Safe and Belong
  • Unhealthy Ancestral and Family Patterns
  • Dynamics that are Toxic in Relationships 
  • Your Beliefs around Self-Worth
  • Your Confidence to Speak Your Truth


Some pretty potent stuff!


And I tell ‘ya, when you start seeing the results showing up in your personal life, it's going to seem like pure magic.


Imagine having a crystal clear grasp of the core spiritual principles intrinsic to sex and relationship...


Imagine breaking free of old, stagnant patterns that are holding you back from the level of connection you want to experience with yourself and others...


Imagine being healed from your past unsupportive relationships...


Imagine being able to show up for yourself and get what your heart truly desires from now on! 


Imagine getting a taste of your unique Super Powers! 


All it takes is the willingness to make a new choice and the boldness to step up for yourself.


I'm excited to be on this journey with you,


- Julie Archambault    

Renata Mazu, CEO of Edge Savvy

She has helped me reach an entirely new level in my understanding and in myself! Julie truly brings out and re-connects the feminine energy, helping you realize just how powerful you are.

The Art Of Co-Creative Sex

Meredith Mackenzie, Massage Therapist

The Art Of Co-Creative Sex